Guide to Frequently asked questions about marijuana license application in Alaska 

While searching for a Marijuana Dispensary near me  in Alaska, you should get to understand how they get the marijuana license through the frequently asked questions which include:

How is the marijuana license applied?

  • There will be a need to initiate your application via the website. Before then, you have to ensure that you have an account and an Alaska business license number for you to apply. Online, you will have to click the button of initiating the marijuana application then go ahead and follow the prompts.
  • Ensure that you review all the resources which are available on the page of the application, as they are the ones that will guide you, helping in initiating the application. When you complete the process online, it is what is going to initiate your application, but you will be required to still complete your supplemental forms and operating plans.
  • You will get the forms on the page for marijuana application, which are normally organized by the license type. The supplemental forms which are completed and the other pertinent documents can be then emailed in a pdf format to the licensing board of the Alaska state via: [email protected]

Who should be listed on the license?

The marijuana applicants established licenses have to be list all the persons who will indirectly or directly have a financial interest in the license of operation. In case you will be submitting it via a corporation or LLC, then the affiliate section of the application has to have all the human persons that will have any interest in the entity. In case the shareholders or the members of the LLC of the corporation are entities in themselves, they need to further get to be reduced to human persons with financial interests in the license operation. There is a need for all persons to be listed.

What is the indirect or direct financial interest?

It is a term that is defined in the regulations in 3 AAC 306.015 (1)(e). As an applicant, you will have to read and familiarize yourself with the regulations before you start to apply for the license.

How will it be possible for AMCO to know that you have listed all the persons and affiliates with the financial interest in your license?

There will be a need for you as the applicant in the application to swear and ensure that you have certified that you have listed all the persons who have a financial interest in the license.