Methods on Effective Drug Testing

Drug testing is one of the major tests humans are subjected to today. Since the massive use of drugs today, many have had long-lasting negative effects recorded in most users’ health. Due to this, many countries and workplaces have placed restrictions on the movement and sale of drugs. However, some citizens have found an alternative to use and abuse these drugs stylishly. Hence, the need for the development of testing methods to help detect does in the system. This article is about the various methods to ensure effective drug testing in individuals.

What is Drug Testing?

Drug testing is a method used to detect a particular drug(s) in a human’s body. Drug testing is done using biological specimens like blood, hair, urine, saliva, sweat, etc., to detect the dosage of specific drugs. This testing is employed in many fields in the world today. For example, in sport, the players tend to take these steroids, which boosts their immune system and gives them the energy to carry on during the activity. To ensure the total prevention of this, players are often subjected to drug testing and penalized when doses of steroids are found in their immune system.

Drug testing can also be explained in another term as a test that shows the chemical composition breakdown of a particular drug. Many individuals misuse different drugs today. However, there are some drugs with a lack of adequate information about the chemicals, which may cause a misuse for the patients prescribed. Hence, to avoid this error, these drugs are subjected to testing to reveal the hidden chemical properties.

Types of Drug Testing

There are various types of drug testing available today. These types pursue the same goal. However, they follow different methods and may reveal more information than other types. Here are the basic types of drug testing available:

Urine Test

the urine test is effective for various means, and it is one of the fastest means to determine an expected result. Urine Drug Testing gives the total breakdown of the drugs present in the individual’s system. Urine drug testing is used mainly to get the drug’s presence and not the number of doses or kilograms consumed by the patient. For example, when an employee requests the drug test report before approval, the individual is expected to visit a lab center where a small bottle will be administered to submit backfilled with urine. Thereafter, the bottle will be submitted to get the test done. The test result will reveal the presence of certain opioids in the system.

It is important to note that a urine test may not give the complete presence of all opioids.

Breathe Test

Anyone can do the breathing test as it is one of the simplest ways to detect a strange smell. The breathing test is often done to check whether the individual has taken any alcoholic substance at the last minute. Asides from this, the breath test can be done using other scientific instruments to measure the alcohol content present in the body. The breathalyzer is one of the oldest and most popular tests done to

detect alcohol presence in the body. The individual is instructed to blow da eep breath about six times before the likely accurate result is achieved.

DOT Drug Test

DOT Drug Test is one of the common tests done today. The employees do these in highly-sensitive fields like the transportation industry. The DOT in this term refers to the Department of Transportation, which is one of the measures to ensure passengers’ safety. Before employment, the industry workers must undergo a DOT test to ascertain the passengers’ safety and prevent accidents due to their misuse of steroids.

Let’s wrap it up

Drug Testing is one of the major and most efficient ways to ensure individuals and their loved ones’ general safety. It has been one of the major ways the misuse of drugs has been curbed, and many more methods are being developed daily to guarantee the accuracy of these results.