Are Personalized Supplements Worth the Price?

We’ve heard about vitamins and supplements, along with their health benefits. However, have you heard of personalized supplements? More importantly, are these types of supplement packages safe and worth the price?

As long as you purchase reputable supplements from brands like douglas laboratories Supplement First, then you can benefit from the vitamins and minerals you take in. Just be sure to get the go signal from your doctor to ensure that such supplements are safe for you.

That said, personalized supplements might not actually be worth the investment. Read on to see if this is a worthwhile purchase based on your individual needs.

Are Personalized Supplements Worth the Price?

A lot of companies are now offering supplements that are more convenient and personalized and even Instagram-worthy! These personalized supplements are selling direct-to-consumer, which aim to meet one’s unique and genetically-determined needs and nutritional deficiencies.

For instance, if you are a menstruating woman, then you may require more iron compared to an elderly male.

So companies will ask for your personal information through easy-to-take quizzes to learn more about who you are and what you need. They will take into account your age, gender, lifestyle, and any health conditions you have. Based on your answers, they’ll create a package filled with the multivitamins and supplements you may need.

There are perks to personalized supplements compared to purchasing individual bottles, such as:

  • They are tailor-made to your needs instead of being given a one-size-fits-all formula
  • It’s more convenient than having to go to the pharmacy or purchase individual bottles online, as this may be overwhelming
  • Personalized supplements may help resolve nutritional deficiencies
  • Like taking other supplements, they can improve one’s health and wellbeing

Unfortunately, they do have their disadvantages you need to take note of:

  • Personalized supplements are still unregulated, so you’re not exactly sure of what you’ll receive. That’s why you must make sure you purchase from reputable companies that do in-house testing and quality checks.
  • There aren’t any studies that show personalized supplements are better than other supplements you can buy in pharmacies and grocery stores
  • You will need to special order these supplements because you can’t find them in your local drugstore. Because of this, the prices are higher
  • Just like other dietary supplements, customized ones might have fillers, dyes, or other additives that may do more harm than good. Again, it’s why you need to choose the company you buy from carefully.

Regardless of what kind of supplements you purchase, make sure that your doctor is aware of the vitamins you’re taking.

Furthermore, ask for his advice on whether personalized vitamins are beneficial based on your overall health. He may advise you to invest in store-bought supplements from brands like douglas labs, or encourage you to use personalized supplements, only if needed.

Wrapping It Up

Personalized supplements may be worth the investment if you have a nutritional deficiency and want the convenience of having vitamins made for your needs. However, they are not suitable if you’re on a budget!