All You Wanted To Know About Migraine Alert Dogs!

If you are someone who suffers from frequent migraine attacks, you should definitely seek the help of a doctor, instead of simply relying on painkillers. Besides making a few lifestyle changes, you may want to have a service dog too. A migraine alert dog, for the unversed, refers to a canine that has been trained to spot early signs of migraine. You will be surprised to know that dogs can actually find that, long before the trigger causes a migraine attack. The role of a migraine alert dog offers support to the owner, so that they are more cautious and take necessary steps to manage the symptoms.

More about these amazing canines

In the US, a considerable number of patients rely on their service dogs for support. In case of migraine alert dog, they are trained to find some of the subtle symptoms that are predominant in the prodrome stage. For instance, a person may seem to yawn more, feel more fatigued, have food cravings, and have trouble focusing on regular chores. The migraine alert dog can alert the patient, often by licking and nudging. By relying on the amazing abilities that canines have, patients can take steps like taking medications and making necessary changes in their schedule, so that they can manage the headache and migraine attack better.

Finding the right companion

There are only a few dogs that qualify as migraine alert dogs, after they have gone through rigorous training. Make sure that you find the right dog for your support and needs, and given that the training requires considerable effort and time, owning a migraine alert dog may be expensive. However, we do recommend this for patients who can afford to have one.

Taking other steps

Just having a migraine alert dog is not enough. When it comes to managing migraines, you have to seek long-term and customized treatment plan, based on your condition and current symptoms. Migraine attacks can impact your life in worse ways than you imagine, and there is no reason why you have to ensure frequent headaches, which can escalate to the next level in no time.

Check online now to find more on migraine treatment clinics, talk to an experienced headache expert and follow their guidelines. This may also mean making a few lifestyle changes, which may include reducing weight, watching the diet, and following a more disciplined lifestyle for better sleep.