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Rolling Paper Fun and Links give you a great insight into the world of the rolling paper. Learn how to, what to do, and have a blast smoking your favorite types of marijuana and other legal buds. Stay healthy, live longer and love your smoke with your favorite skins.

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Rolling papers greetings, this website is dedicated to 3 things. The first is to bring you high quality rolling papers aka skins, the second is to save you money and the third is to save your lungs for more years of smoking. Most cigarette rolling papers or marijuana rolling papers have flavored dyes, colored dyes, asbestos, toxins, glue, and harsh fire retardant chemicals. Do you realize these ingredients are killing you faster than the smoking cannabis does itself? Healthy hemp rolling paper is made from natural environmentally friendly ingredients. All you taste is the flavor of whatever you're smoking, cigarettes, marijuana or legal buds. A good rolling paper skin is hard to find. Healthier blunts and skins will help preserve your body for more years of smoking pleasure. Find the best deals on sale with free shipping. Buy single packs, wholesale boxes, pre-rolled cones, be anonymous, stay out of any stores and have online rolling papers delivered directly to you, fast.


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We love smoking weed with vaporizers, pipes, and rolling papers. When rolling up marijuana or any other herb, a flavored rollie can set off a toke the right way. A new clear see through rolling paper has it's own particulars. A blunt can produce it's own reality. Pure Hemp rolling papers are one of the world's healthiest rolling paper choices today! Tree free skins made of eco paper. Pure light hemp cigarette papers have been around since 1879. Not being stuck on any particular choice, here are the reviews for this smoking session. New reviews are added and old ones updated on a regular 420 smoking cycle. If you want us to review your rolling papers send an inquiry.

Juicy Jay Absinth Flavored Rolling Papers

Juicy Jay Absinth Flavored Rolling Paper Statistics and Review:

Amount of Rolling Papers: 32 per pack
Overall Rating: Full Joint
Package Rating: Sleek, stylish, colorful.
Taste Rating: Excellent absinth flavor, blends beautifully with your smoke.
Paper Size: 1 and 1/4 oversize
Paper Texture: Normal
Flavor Review: Top Five favorite flavor of all time.
Smell Content: Pleasant for the nose, a good sniff can bring the taste.
Comments: Light weight papers. Tastes just like absinth the drink, a full body earthy flavor. At 1 and 1/4 size, the joints get passed around a few times. The paper does not burn fast unless you toke super hard and obviously it'll go faster. The green angels flying around on the rollies add the right ambience to your smoke session. Girls love angels. We give Juicy Jay absinth flavored rolling papers the full joint rating.